The Brand

Joke Tees is India's Most Liked limited edition Basic apparel brand that empowers you to achieve greatness. 

At Joke Tees we promise to make each of your Wear memorable. Every fabric of Joke Tees is built to match your greatest wear.

This is what makes Joke Tees India's Most Liked Basic Apparel Brand.

Caution: Wearing Joke Tees grabs instant attention. Strangers might come up and ask for tips, take photographs and even kiss you. Get used to Stardom.


To create an aspirational

global Basic brand from India.



At Joke Tees we are

  • Innovative
  • Ethical
  • Credible
  • Passionate
  • Team Spirt
  • Customer Oriented


Sukhbir Singh is the Founder CEO at Joke Tees, he’s the one who gave Joke Tees a face. In 2003, while helping his parents in their family business, he came up with the idea of this clothing line, casual basic tees for boys. In those days he single handedly pulled off the brand manufacturing, marketing & distribution of Joke Tees products in and around Mumbai. Personally Sukhbir concerns himself more with getting people to do what they are passionate about and putting them in the right context or setting. As he believes, they are the ones who help build the brand.

Note from his desk

At Joke Tees, we have always strived to get the working culture right, which helped us with aspects like brand building and delivering the very best customer service, to take care of itself.